Pedro Miguez is a Toronto-based Director of Photography with over 15+ years of experience working in narrative, documentary and commercial films. 

After graduating in Cinema Studies at York University, and Cinematography at the University of Southern California, I began working professionally in 2007, at the intersection of film and digital technology, in the camera department of Hollywood studio features and popular TV shows like Flashpoint and The Listener, shooting in 35mm film and the original RED One camera. In 2011 I went back to Brazil where I’m originally from, to pursue greater challenges in cinematography and do what I am most passionate about: help to tell great stories and craft beautiful images through lighting, composition and movement. During this journey, I developed my skills, shooting a wide-range of projects, including commercials, short-films, documentaries, fictional and factual series for TV. Between 2014-2016, I shot 2 seasons of the fictional/documentary TV series, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH, for TV Brasil, that explores Brazil’s religious diversity.

Back in Canada since 2016, I continued to pursue my professional goals and push creative boundaries in cinematography, with a strong interest in documentary and fictional narratives, and an ever-growing list of commercials clients that include Mastercard, Samsung, Johnnie Walker, IBM, Canadian Tire, Renault, and media outlets like CNN, CBC, TVO, Al Jazeera and The Olympic Channel.

With a passion for seeing beyond the mere image and adding layers of meaning in the stories I help tell, I’ve collaborated with filmmakers on dozens of short and feature narrative and documentary films to bring characters to life and stories that leave a lasting impression in audience’s minds, with impeccable attention to detail in lighting, movement and composition.

My most recent work include a recently wrapped 4-part music documentary series for The History Channel, the feature-documentaries HOW TO MAKE A HIT TOY and VINCE CARTER: LEGACY, and the feature narratives SWARMS OF DRIFTING SHADES and NAKED IDENTITY.

Based in Toronto, Canada, available worldwide.

+1 416.857.2634